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A man starting his journey from Baqai Dental College. Graduated in the early years of this institution. Having a vision in mind went to King’s College, London, to pursue his career. Started his PhD in the subject of oral medicine and after 3 1⁄2 years was awarded with a distinction. Worked in University of Malaya, Malaysia from where he finally settled in and is currently working successfully in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the oral medicine department.

Presenting you Dr. Kamran Habib Awan. A proud alumni of Baqai Dental College, who paid us a visit on 7th he has carried out on the subject of “Oral Cancer”in honor of the silver jubilee of Baqai Dental College. The lecture was held at Saeeda auditorium. Dr Zahida Baqai presided over the meeting. Principal dental college Dr Kashif Ikram and vice principal Dr Talha also attended the meeting. Other faculty members included Dr Jameel (MBBS), Dr Shakila Nazir, Dr Asghar Ali Shigri April 2014 to enlighten all on the extensive research

The colloquium encompassed many elements elaborating on this devastating condition i.e;

  • Primary preventive methods that need to be taken to eradicate the elevated prevalence of oral cancer
  • Major risk factors that contribute to the high incidence of this pathology
  • Demographic distribution of oral cancer in the areas of Karachi based on a survey carried out
  • Adjunctive tools of diagnosis
  • Confirmatory approaches for final diagnosis, screening and staging of cancer e.g. histological proof of neoplastic activity can help determine the treatment strategy
  • Based on the extent of metastasis and graveness of the cancer, treatment plan is devised causing minimal damage achievable to normal tissue and Removing the lesion as well as the cause to ensure the condition doesn’t relapse
  • Connotation of public awareness for diminution of the probability or occurrence of oral cancer and the steps needed to be exercised for a healthier, cancer free community.
  • Furthermore, he shed light on the harmful effects of tobacco, areca nut and alcohol in all ages. The use of “shisha” in youngsters was highlighted and informed to be more harmful than a cigarette as it contains more quantity of tobacco and can result in earnest damage to the oral cavity as well as rest of the body.
  • After the seminar, the forum was opened for questions and dr. Kamran handled them all very professionally explaining whatsoever queries the faculty members or students had regarding the subject.
  • Dr. Kamran concluded the edifying lecture by expressing his gratitude upon being invited and his deep interest in always wanting to impart as much knowledge as possible to the students of Baqai Dental College. Vice Chancellor, Dr. Zahida Baqai ,presented him with a shield of appreciation to express gratitude for his presence. With which the seminar came to an end.