Inter university throw ball championship 2014

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Two visionaries and sensitive individuals, Dr. F.U. Baqai and Dr. Zahida Baqai, fired with the passion for human welfare and social service started with a modest beginning. The year was 1992, Baqai Foundation established the Baqai Dental College.

And now, with 25 years, full of achievements and growth, gone by, the year 2014 marks the SILVER JUBILEE of this exalted and illustrious institution!

The year started off very promisingly with the first event being RANG, Be it singing, acting or bringing nonstop laughter in the room, students had it all conquered!

Previously where minds and hearts and souls were tested, came the time of assaying physical strength and tactics. WALWALA, one week, where all stamina, courage and sportsmanship was tested.

Just when everyone thought this is it. BDC took out another surprise from the bag.

On 25th April 2014, when the sun shone bright, with impatience in the air, INTER UNIVERSITY THROW BALL TOURNAMENT commenced! Hosted on the grounds of Baqai Medical University. The chief secretaries heading the event were:

     Ayesha Sharfuddin (MBBS)

•     Fatima Siddiqui (BDS)

On 11th April 2014, the partaking teams’ managers paid a visit to Baqai Medical University where the manager and coaches of the home team met with them. Rules were conversed, draws performed, schedule was constructed and teams were given a round of the court where they played later.

The universities who took part in this distinguished tourney were:

     Baqai Medical University

    Hamdard University

     Karachi Medical and Dental College

•    Jinnah Medical and Dental College

    Bahria University

•    Institute of Business Administration

•    Jinnah Sindh Medical University

Two teams took part from Baqai Medical University namely:

    Baqai Blues

    Baqai Reds

Students from all departments performed in the respective teams. The coach for both the teams was Dr. Fatima Akhtar(BDC) where as the manager for these teams was Dr. Hadia Malik (BDC) The captain for the Blue team was Eman Ahmed (BDS), and the captain of Baqai Reds was IqraZakir (MBBS).

The clock was kept ticking. Anticipation kept building up with every passing day. Best of the best walked in the court flaunting off their gift and hard work!

After a heated week, the day came for the semi finals and finals. Due to their unbeatable performances, the teams who made it to semis were:

 Baqai Blues VS Bahria University

Baqai Reds VS KMDC

After two vigorous matches the teams which came head to head for "THE MATCH" of the tournament were:

Baqai Blues VS KMDC

At the end of two ravaging and nail biting sets, the game ended with a score of 15-13 with Baqai Blues in the lead.

A prestigious prize distribution ceremony was held presided over by Vice Chancellor Dr. Zahida Baqai along with Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. General Muhammad Aslam.

The ceremony began by Chief Organizer of this Tournament Dr Talha Mufeed Siddiqui (Vice Principal BDC ) with the endowment of certificates to the working committee heads and event secretaries by Gen Muhammad Aslam for keeping the tournament running smoothly. A runner up trophy was awarded to the captain of KMDC team Mariya Azam by Dr Zahida Baqai, for showing exemplary sportsmanship and undying spirit, who spoke very well of the tournament. DrZahida Baqai also bestowed WINNER’S trophy upon Eman Ahmed, captain for Baqai Blues, who received it with a big smile, eyes full of pride for her team while praising her worthy opponents. Then came the time for announcing the “Player of the Tournament” and Syeda Reda Zehra Zaidi (MBBS) of the Baqai Blues wore this crown for her persistently breathtaking performance throughout!!

Dr Zahida Baqai spoke to all the girls in the ground highlighting the importance of sports and expressing ultimate pleasure and bliss on seeing them excel in all fields and referred to them as the true honor of the institute.

At the End Dr Talha M. Siddiqui (Chief organizer) , Dr Ain-ul haq (Co-organizer) and His Whole Team was congratulated for keeping the tournament running smoothly and a huge success.

8 teams, infinite aptitude, ONE title.

Baqai Blues: Approbated as the finest throw ball team in Karachi.