Walwala 2014

Starting from 25th march 2014, Baqai University celebrated Sports week named WALWALA, where all stamina, courage and sportsmanship was tested. Breahs were held, hearthbeats skipped, and voices rose in unison for the best of players. All gifted athletes stole the hearts of the crowd and put up a sensational show!

Among all the medical and dental universities of Karachi, the most appreciated and the most successful sports festival, WALWALA'14 was held at Baqai Medical University.Under the patronization of BMU, different colleges competed against each other in this sports festival.

This prestigious sports week was officially opened on 24th March 2014 by Mrs. Baqai at the Nizam Stadium in Baqai Medical University as she kicked the ball and declared WALWALA'14 open. The opening ceremony was conducted by Dr. Samee and Dr. Talha.

The opening ceremony of this event was worth watching and it was the most celebrated day of this sports week. The heavy bikes, sports cars, performances, free style tricks at the ceremony added even more grace to the sports players of each department of Baqai Medical University. These sports players belonged to 7 different colleges’ teams namely,

·         Dragons(Baqai Medical College)

·         Warriors (Baqai College Of Medical Technology)

·         Cheetahs(Baqai Dental College)

·         Fighters(Baqai College Of Nursing)

·         Lions(Baqai College Of Physiotherapy)

·         Hawks(Baqai Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

·         Bolts (Baqai College Of Veterinary Sciences)

·         Scorpions (Baqai Medical College)

The struggle to achieve the title of "Champions of BMU, the struggle for blue" continued for 2 weeks at Baqai Medical University. The suspense and thrill of the outcome kept the supporters' energy high at the Nizam Stadium every day, for each match. The students supported their colleges by displaying marvelous creativity by face painting, designing posters, photography and what not.

The hidden talents of the future dentists, doctors and veterans were known over the entire social media through the efforts of the Organizing team of WALWALA'14.

·         Over all Secretary
Mujtaba Sheikh

·         Media Secretaries
Hiba Rehman

·         Logistics Secretaries

·         Management Secretaries


The Vice Principal of Baqai Dental College, Dr. Talha, participated actively in these festival activities. Whether its being there for the match toss or commentary, he was always there to support the sports players. Also, this massive event was made possible by the great effort of Dr. Ain. He played an important role for the preparations and procedures for WALWALA’14. All procedures of the event flowed smoothly under his vigilance.

After 2 weeks of efforts, Dragons became the "Champions" of WALWALA'14. Cheetahs were the "Runner-up team" and Warriors made it to the "Fair player Team" award. Eisha Khan and Ajmal Khandan of “Dragons” team were awarded as the best athletes of WALWALA’14. Ajmal was given the title of fastest man and Eisha was given the title of fastest woman, on planet Baqai.

The closing ceremony of this sports week was held on 3l 2014. The lead actor of "Main hoon Shahid Afridi", Noman Habib, was invited as the cheif guest at the closing ceremony of WALWALA'14. He showed his gratitude and appreciation by performing with the students at the ceremony. Mrs. Baqai along with the other guests distributed prizes among the winners and participants at the last day of this sports festival.